Final Reflection

Through the semester, I really enjoyed posting every single blog, and I can say that the blogs are the best assignment that I can do to from all the homework. Every time, when I write the blog, I feel myself as a artist who is carefully creating his art. Although I always make some grammar mistakes, those non-perfectness actually make the blog more real. In this case, I become more wanting being my true self.GreatBlaringFlyingfish-max-1mb.gif I don’t really have a perfect sense of the English grammar, but that is OK, because I am not an English Native speaker and people understand what I am saying. Although, I would keep trying my best to applying English un my life and make it more likely to be my Native tongue but I am not going to be shame on those grammar mistakes.


I like sharing my struggles about living here as an international student and my culture back to my home country China. I like to set up a cultural bridge between the domestic students and international students. I hope that by reading my blog through the semester, you guys got a better understanding of the international students haha. Let’s be friends. By reading all of my blogs, I realize that I spent a great portion of my blog writing on the stereotypes. I want to say a good stereotype joke might be a great icebreaker, but don’t overuse it because it is biased and definitely easily makes people upset. On the other hand, don’t overreact it, and get offended by the every single stereotype, using the sense of humor to react, and people can tell that the stereotype is not accurate.

tenor.gif Through reading the comments on my blog, I am so glad that people appreciate my sense of humor. Through the semester I was trying to make the post as entertained for readers to read as possible and in the future I am going to keep doing that. Spread out my sense of humor to other people and make them influenced by my positive attitude. Bring laugh to people, and that makes it easier to convey the information to others, because people are more likely to accept others’ ideas when they are happy.

Also, I want to say that the ten posts are not enough for me to post everything, and I still have many stuffs wanting to share with you guys about living here as an international student and my culture back to China. If I have time and chance, I am definitely keep posting my new experiences and hope that you guys would keep reading and enjoying it. In the future, I hope that would have chance to either visit or stay in China for sometime, images.jpgand I am glad to guide you guys explore more on the Chinese culture, and you guys might also able to experiences about struggling in a different country in a interesting way just like I do here. At that time, we can talk about it.


Finally, thanks for liking and supporting my blog this semester and it is a fun experience. I enjoy reading all of you guys blog as well haha.


Stereotypes from my own country to the Chinese international students in U.S.

People like keeping stereotypes to others who they are not familiar with.giphy-downsized-large.gif I am an international student from China, so I expected that people here in America would prejudge me based on those Chinese stereotypes before I came to this country. However, when I back to China, I also surround by many stereotypes that the Chinese public has to the Chinese international students. Come on,  I am being stereotyped against in my HOME COUNTRY. WHY? Today I am going to share three of them by the post.


tenor.gif     For many Chinese people, we are considered as crazy rich Asians. In their minds, only the kids from the top class family could afford the tuition and living expenses to study aboard. When the kids go abroad, they are going to study but taking vacations. Fancy apartment, luxury cars, pretty girls or boys, Trump Tower, Vegas, and etc. EXCUSE YOU! What are you talking about? I am too broke to buy food at restaurant so I learned how to cook. I never bought any cloths except black Fridays. When I got ill, I never go to hospital since here is so expensive.  Actually, today, more and more kids from the middle class are willing to go abroad to study in China, and they just want to be more open-minded. We are definitely not poor but not rich at the same time.

2nd  You guys party every night.

Actually, this is not really a stereotype that Chinese people have to Chinese inRker.gifternational students but to American college students ( Sorry guys). Since we are studying in America, they thought that we are Americanized
tenor-2.gifat the same time just like the orange chicken. That is what we do everyday in daily life from their perspectives. But come on, have you heard of a thing “RATIO”. I seldom attend parties I don’t know anyone who organize party or enough girls who can get me in the parties. Something which is more interesting is that young people in China always assume Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 1.36.31 PM.pngthat the Chinese international students in U.S. sex a lot here. People even do the research about that like this. If the result is real for everyone, I tell you that my December would be super exciting


3rd We are here to avoid “Gaokao” (National Higher Education Entrance Examination)

chinese-math-test.gifMany people in China think that all the Chinese students who study abroad to avoid the Gaokao in China. We are not hard working enough so we come to the foreign colleges to study. Yes I admit that the exam of Gaokao is super hard. main_gif.gifIf I do the exam in China, probably, I wouldn’t have chances to go to a great college in China. However, studying abroad is not easy as well especially the lectures are instructed in a foreign language. In U.S. education system, a student not only need to figure out the exams but also quiz, project, presentation, paper and the group project. None of them is easy, and you have to work hard all the time.

Finally, thanks for reading my posts through the semester. If you guys have any question about China, plz ask me and welcome to visit China. If I were there during your visit, I am glad to be your guide and translator.


Thxgiving at NY

tenor.gifI like thxgiving even though I don’t really celebrate it. Any holiday that I don’t need to go to school, I love it. Unlike you guys, during the thxgiving break, you guys can back to your home, and spend time with your family, every year, I needed to figure out what to do especially during the freshman year, because all the restaurants were closed, I were not able to eat. I mean that while you guys had amazing turkey, stuffing, and apple pie with your family, Jojo was hungry and lonely for the whole day. Trust me, that was miserable. At that day, I still can remember my desire about the FOOD.

This year, I decided to make my thxgiving not miserable as usual. source.gifWhile everybody spend time with their family with the great feast, I went to friend’s house, just pretending that I have a family here. The funny thing was that although I didn’t have any class during the Wednesday, I still had to stay at Rutgers area until Wednesday because my friend were won’t back home until Wednesday, and I was not sure if his family knew me. You don’t want to knock at a stranger’s door here and say I am going to stay at your house for couple nights because of the second Amendment.

tenor-1.gif My friend is from Pelham, NY and usually it takes about one hour driving from the Rutgers to the town but on Wednesday, everybody was driving and made the Turnpike especially the George Washington Bridge miserable. The traffic was stuck. I was on the bridge for one hour with the Taylor Swift “Welcome to New York”. On the particular time, I really preferred the Google Map’s sound of the “Welcome to New York” to Taylor Swifts’.


IMG_5652.jpg On Thursday morning, It was awkward hahaha but now I got used to it. My friend’s family had really great relationship to all the neighbors, so every year, they will visit their neighbors on thxgiving.66401c75-70b8-4876-9957-3dad529154db 2.jpg This year, they didn’t change the tradition because I was there and asked me to knock their neighbors’ door with them. I mean I didn’t know anybody. Luckily, all the neighbors have dogs, and I speak good doglish (I can imitate the dogs’ sound), I spent great time with my friend and the dogs. On the afternoon, we went to his my friend’s grand parents’ apartment in the city.The turkey was amazing. It is the best turkey that I had ever had in my entire life. We also had stuffing, green beans, mash potato and apple pie. They were so good. I mean if I were a part of their family, this is what I would look like.

IMG_5633.jpgOn black Friday, of course we went shopping, and everything was crazily cheap. I bought 6 shirts, three sweaters and one pair of shoes with less than 200 bucks. I hope every Friday would be Black Friday. Yesterday, I spent a great Hanukkah with their family. Hanukkah is like a Jewish Christmas, and they celebrated a little earlier because it is close to the Thxgiving and Thxgiving is the only time they are able to gather all the family members together. I tried many interesting Jewish food and ice cream with them. It was a great experience.

Finally, thx again to my best friend Ruben and his fantastic family for having me this thxgiving. Finally, I was able to experience a true thxgiving as an American. If you visit China during the Chinese New Year, same thing happen on you!


November 11th is an important day and thanks to the veterans who serve image.gifthis country. Because of their service, we can enjoy our lovely life in this beautiful country. Besides that, today is super important because it is Jojo’s birthday, so let’s say happy birthday to Jojo. From today, he is free to go to any pub around here without worrying about the age problem. Enjoy your life Jojo. Back to Jojo’s motherland, China, 1111 also called the day of double eleven (single’s day). On that day, people no matter they are single or not, go shopping crazily due to the big discount. To those people who are not single but still shopping at the “single’s day” which ideally should only be celebrated by single people, SHAMEEEE ON YOUUUUUUUUU!

images.jpgNovember 11th is kind of like the Black Friday in the United States but a way more crazy. It is not a shopping discount event  anymore, but  a competition ,a battle, a war, between millions of internet users. Everything is super cheap on internet, and you have no time to wait or waste when you find something you are interested to buy, because maybe one second later, that stuff is going to be others.  Based on today’s data, all the Chinese people spend 253.97 billion RMB all together which equals to 36.51 U.S. dollars on internet which is several times more than the Black Friday (7.9 billion U.S. dollar ) last year in U.S.  (Sina Data). That is only the transactions through the internet, considering there are lots of Chinese go shopping physically even overseas, Lord, tell me how much money do Chinese spend today?

At the beginning only single people  (In Chinglish we call them single dog) celebrate the November. But now, excuse me, why those couples even take the only privilege away from those single people. In general girls love this festival but boys consider it miserable. On that day, there is a tradition that boyfriend has duty to checkout the shopping cart for his girlfriend on internet. Jojo is smart so he moves to U.S. and don’t have to follow the tradition. Jojo feels sorry for his friends who has to spend Double 11 with their girlfriends in China and he can offer you guys a tenor.gifwonderful tip. Next time Right before the November 11th, log in both your girlfriend’s shopping account and your own online banking account with wrong password for multiple times, the accounts will be locked for one day. Congratulations, you would save your wallet but the bad thing is that you probably need to find a new girlfriend.

Today, Jojo spends a fantastic November 11th. By today, he is officially 21 and legally to drink. If you guys were around Easton Ave around Saturday night, you probably will see a Chinese guy staring at his watch all the time. When it is get to 12am, he shouted out “Jesus, I am finally 21” and entered a pub with his license and talked to its staff “SEE I am 21 today”. Yes he is Jojo. From that moment, he started to realize how Americans take the age of 21 seriously. 21 is so important for Americans and they even have a brand as the “FOREVER 21”.

I hate Maths and I don’t eat dog

Unfortunately, we live in the society with full of labels and stereotypes. When giphy.gifpeople look at me, they will assume that I speak Mandarin which is true, I am really good at Maths which I really hope so but unfortunately not true, and I have experiences eaten dogs before which has never happened in my life. Where are the stereotypes coming from? From my race? From my nationality? From the way I look like? I somehow believe so. Before people really have the chance to get along with me, the first impression of me to them is about my race as Chinese. Here are some examples of how a Chinese react to those stereotypes. Hope that you guys can enjoy this post.


Chinese people are all Kung-fu masters

tumblr_n3zu2y8v3R1qedb29o1_500.gifHell ,yes we are, of course, we all know kong-fu. It is piece of cake and it is inside our Chinese blood. The reason why I am here is because my Kung-Fu skill is too weak compare to other Chinese people, and I come here because I don’t want to be bullied by my neighbor. When we watch the news in China about the “Second Amendment”, we got totally confused. Why you guys need the guns to protect your property? Why don’t simply use your body and scream. Come to China and learn some Kung-Fu. Don’t trust anything I just mentioned above, not all the Chinese people know Kung-Fu. I mean if Kung-fu is that common , it doesn’t make any sense that Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee are also famous in China.

All Chinese people eat dog meat

From what I know, dog is much more popular as a food in America than in China.r_u_kidding_me________-1.gif Just take the train from the New Brunswick station to New York, you will find thousands of “HOT DOGGGGGG” stands in the city.  Indeed, we do have some significant population who eat dogs but only exclusive in small region of the city of Yulin of the Provence of Guangxi. Come on we have 1.5 billion population. I mean if all the Chinese people eat dogs, how is that possible that the specie of dog is not extinct yet. The majority of the Chinese population is against eating dogs, and the tradition of eating dog in that specific region is also controversial in China.


Chinese people are good at Maths

20170531210024_4062.gifHaha that is a stereotype I never got offended and I also hope that I can bear this particular “gift” as a Chinese. I feel so bad to my friends around me who believe that the stereotype and ask me for help regarding to their maths homework or who are sitting around me when we take a Maths exam. Seriously, I have no clue what I am doing and you come to me for help. I really appreciate your trust but feel sorry for the result. Every time, my friends who tried to get my help for Maths, when they receive the result, I feel that they want to come to me and ask the question. “Are you really Asian?” I mean maybe I am a BSIAN or CSIAN but definitely not FSIAN.




Chinese people are shy, isolated and not social.

DAM….E. LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!





Is him a real cop?

I had never really celebrated Halloween before I came to this country. I mean, 152198722278607e1d73dde.gifChinese people are excited about every holidays even the non- Chinese holidays, we celebrate every holidays that we are able to find by shopping. In China, holiday means discount, and that makes people extremely crazy, and people who are super rich would choose to go oversea and shop in Japan, Europe or the U.S.. That is how we celebrate every holiday like Christmas, Thxgiving, Easter, April Fool. You name it, we celebrate it by shopping. In Chinglish, we called ourselves as rich but bitch.

Seriously, I believed shopping is how people celebrate Halloween for a long time IMG_5480.gifuntil I came here. I cerebrated my first Halloween at Boston three years ago. At that time, I was studying English at Tufts University. I was confused about why Americans were so excited about the Halloween since we didn’t even have a break. For that day I dressed up as a Japanese Ninja. Trust me, it was the most awkward day in my life because I dressed up like that to attend class, go to dinning hall and bank trying to withdraw some money. It was a bad idea to go to a bank and dressed up like that especially when there were some security guards around the bank. As I entered the bank like this, all the security came to my direction, and they seemed nervous. But what they didn’t know is that I was even more nervous than they do. I watched news, and I didn’t want to die in this country.

Luckily, I didn’t die otherwise it is pretty scary for you to read this post. Tufts is a well-known university and students there are probably too old to treat or trick? However, college students still deserve to have fun, so we party. At that day, Tufts organized a Halloween party for all the students and provided alcohol drinks for those who are above 21. You only had to carry you photo ID and proved that whether you were legal to drink. If you were, they would give you a plastic wristband, and you were able to asked more drinks by showing them the wristband. I also wanted to drink because in American parties, you have to be drunk enough to have fun. But here was a problem.

At the party, everybody dressed up and socialed (i make up this word not sure about the past tense of the verb “social”) with others, tenor.gifand there was a guy in the police uniform (Tufts University Police Department),  also talked with different people. It was Halloween, so I couldn’t tell if he was a true police. The wired thing is in  a university social, you ask people regrading to their names, school year, major, interests, clubs and NUMBER (if he or she looks so good), but the only question came out from his mouth was “How old are you?”. The first thing came out in my mind was that he was too straight forward; I thought he was just trying to avoid some legal issues regarding to hanging out with the minors underage . He was just trying to protect himself by avoiding troubles. Yes, Americans were serious about the laws. However, I got confused because he asked this question to hundreds of people. I mean you can not intend to ask one hundred people out at a same time right? Why you need so many informations?

Ten minutes later, his interphone rung, then I realized sh####t he was a real cop. I felt so happy that I didn’t ask for a drink from my friend. I mean if I got caught, my visa was gonna be terminated and I had to say goodbye to my American dream.

Jojo, Stoping doing that when you return to China

I love America, I mean seriously I love this country and sometimes when I return to my country, people in China criticized as I am too American. Being a fake Americantenor.gif in China seems really stupid and awkward and I have made a list about what not to do in China for me when I return to my country. For you guys, if you guys don’t really look like Chinese or sounds like Chinese, people probably think that it’s ok, and it is kind of like play the “foreigner card” like I always do here.


1st They do speak Chinese.

People in China do understand Chinese. I mean in America people don’t really speak Chinese, so sometimes when I want to secretly talk about them, I would speak tumblr_n5k05wMcSc1tq4of6o1_500.gifChinese because you guys have no idea what the hell I am talking about. For example when I see somebody wears something dope, I would say something like he or she looks dope in Chinese. I know that it is mean to do that but sometimes we are just mean to each other and we are being mean to different people everyday. However I when I talk about them in China, I didn’t realize that they actually speak Chinese and understand what I am saying. It is super awkward.

2nd  Don’t say hello to strangers

American people like to talk to strangers especially around the Boston area. Even when you guys line up at Starbucks, you guys start to talk like giphy.gifhow are you and what’s up? In America, it is called “small talk”. Once in Boston, there was a stranger asked me if I like ice-cream and literally bought me one. I mean why you guys are so nice or pretend to be so nice to strangers haha, and we don’t do that in China. I mean if you asked those questions to the Chinese people in China, I can already expect how would they react. They are just confused like why do you approach me and why you even care about how I am doing. Keep a safe bubble zone with the strangers when you visit China.

3rd Don’t hold the door open for the person behind you

anigif_enhanced-14307-1455728388-2.gif In America, people spontaneously hold  door open for the person behind you, and it is a good thing but don’t do that in China. I mean that it is polite but we just don’t do that. If you do that, somebody probably assume you as someone who works here just for opening the door for customers and you probably gonna stand there forever since everybody just gonna pass by rather than hold the door open for the people behind them just like you. If you don’t want to stand at the entrance or exit of a shop and hold the door open forever, don’t do that in China.

4th You as the pedestrian have to yield the vehicles

In U.S., it is the state law for the vehicles to yield the pedestrians when pedestrians are trying to cross the street, and more importantly, drivers DO OBEY the law. I mean in China, we do have the law regarding that but nobody obeys the law. In the most 20161129161042.gifsituations, pedestrians yield the vehicles just because they don’t want to die. In China you have to be really careful if you want to cross a street without any traffic light. What the most people do is waiting to gather a great amount of people who want to cross the street. Once, there is enough amount of people, they just cross the street and drivers have to stop.